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Summer 2014
28th July 2014
Great support from scientists this summer that organic is better, with up to 63% more anti-oxidants than chemically grown produce.
We are resplendent in farm vegetables right now with all of our delicious salad crops still available alongside sweet yellow courgettes, bunched beetroot, lovely new potatoes and broad beans.
On top of that and earlier than ever before, we have red and green kale, french beans and leeks available plus one of our best-sellers, summer purple sprouting broccoli.
This is a perfect time to start a new diet kick, eating local, organically grown produce.
There is currently so much choice.
We've all been juicing here on the farm - it's a great way to get in more fruit and veg.
Remember recommendations have gone up to seven varieties a day!

Spring 2014
17th March 2014
We have just seeded the new polytunnel so hopefully we will have a bountiful supply of organic salad, radishes, spring onions, spinach and pak choi sprouting up soon.
The warm weather should help them along so hopefully our spring/summer season veg will start sooner than ever.
We still have plenty of purple sprouting broccoli, cabbages, kale and some spring cauliflowers too so plenty of fresh, farm veg to fill your bags.
We also now have organic raw milk to offer from Emma’s Dairy and we’re getting lots of feedback about how amazing it is.
Just get in touch if you want to try some for yourselves.

New Year News
January 2014
Well it’s the season for New Year’s resolutions and a renewed commitment to taking better care of us and our bodies.
A perfect time to overhaul that diet and stock up on the healthiest fruit and veg you can buy. Next year’s leeks are being seeded but the fields are still full of fabulous vegetables - kale, broccoli, cauliflowers and a myriad of cabbages, to name but a few.
Get them delivered straight to your doorstep and help yourself start 2014 healthy and happy.

Winter News
14th November, 2013
We've had a few frosty mornings but so far no frozen pipes or picking in the snow.
Next week the cold snap is meant to start and we are busy trying to get everything ready for the Christmas rush.
The sprouts have shot up and some are ready for picking.
I am busy trying to source local organic Christmas goodies, including turkeys and fabulous gift ideas.
It is fantastic we can offer a complete organic Christmas with all your veg coming from the farm or nearby in Yorkshire.
There is as much to do but less hours of daylight so picking by torch may not be far away - winter is so picturesque but can be quite difficult to manage but don't worry we always deliver all weathers.
Christmas lists will be available soon.

Autumn News
24th September 2013
With the start of a new school year Doorstep is seeing some changes.
Stephanie has decided she loves being a full-time mum too much to come back so Doorstep will be permanently basing itself here, at the farm at Newton Kyme.
Hopefully, this is good news for you as we are able to offer better value for you with produce coming straight from the fields, only 12 miles away from your door.
Get in touch for more details.

Summer Update
25th July 2013
Summer is in full swing with the farm resplendent in salad, beetroot, broad beans and spinach.
The courgettes, broccoli, cauliflowers and our own new potatoes are not far off now either.
We are thanking the weather gods for giving us a decent growing season, even more appreciated after last year's incessant rains.

Spring News
13th May 2013
Great news here at Doorstep! Six years of Stephanie’s hard work has been recognised by the inclusion of Doorstep Organics in the top 9 UK box-schemes as put together by Red Online magazine. We will endeavour to continue to live up to this standard and hopefully keep all our customers happy with our range of veg. After a very long winter the boxes are finally looking a little more colourful.
You can check us out for yourselves HERE at Red Online

Happy New Year!!
6th January 2013
Hope you've all had a lovely, refreshing holiday. Keep your eyes peeled for new products, recipes and special offers coming over the coming month. If you would like any of your recipes added to our list email them over and share the joy!

New Website Launched
11th October 2012
We are pleased to introduce you to our new website, please have a look around and make sure you keep checking the site for our latest offers and promotions.

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